December 5, 2012 - admin

All we can do is what we can do!

Keith. His nickname around the office was “Keith-3PO” due to his innate robotic characteristics. He would have glitchy, awkward and seemingly pre-programmed conversations with you and always follow them up with a hilariously unnecessary catch-phrase. My favorite Keith-ism, without question, was “All we can do is what we can do!” Not only that– just when you thought that the catch-phrase was enough of an exclamation point, he often times would punctuate that with a horrifying double thumbs-up/goofy-grin combo. “Well, let’s just stick to the original gameplan and if we get any pushback from the VP, we’ll just have to weather the storm. You good with that, Keith?” “ALL WE CAN DO IS WHAT WE CAN DO!” *THUMBS”



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