December 5, 2012 - admin

Dance The Dance

I had the most ridiculous cliche douchebag manager one could ever had the misfortune of working with.  Everything that came out of this persons mouth was bullshit.  It was like the letters b..u..l..l..s..h..i..t   floated out of his mouth every time he spoke.  He was a corporate dictionary.  He was never in the office.  Ever.  He could do this because he had no accountability.  The office attire was set to business casual however he would wear jeans whenever the hell he wanted.  He would do that all the time.  Installed five security cameras in a very very small office.  Totally overboard and creepy.  All pointing at the employees. Was always bringing up ideas to try and micromanage you more.

Anyways, I kept a list of some of the phrases he would use over and over again.  They finally came to good use. Enjoy.


Moving Parts
Mouse Trap
Going Forward
Building a better mousetrap
In my past life
Show Stopper
back at the ranch
this isn’t my first rodeo
level set
When the rubber hits the road
soaring with eagles and working with turkeys