April 22, 2013 - admin

Eight Ball

So, at VMC/Volt Workforce Solutions we had to undergo training before going on the “floor” and taking calls from the customer. Training was usually 8 hours of shooting the breeze, while perusing the internet. Our “trainer” was a very pregnant woman who would step out for her smoke breaks every so often. To top it off, she would tell us tales about her background and her “foster home”, which sounded more like a group home. To top it off, the woman had a colorful background involving drugs and such. She spent a whole afternoon – telling us how to spot the difference between a “eight ball” and a “speed ball”. And the pros and cons of each. She got reported to management – who did not do a thing.

And, to top it off – she came back the next day and proclaimed – “My bosses love me too much” and “I cannot get fired.” Way to go VMC.



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