March 1, 2013 - admin

I Just Don’t Know What The Hell I’m Doing Here

I work in a tiny IT department, our network admin quit so now its just my self and my co-worker. Which they made him basically take over as network admin. So one day he ask how to increase the hard drive size on a virtual desktop via office communicator. This is how the conversation went.

Co-worker: Which server do I remote into???
Me: You don’t…you have to install the vsphere client to your desktop. But (network admin) never said where to get the client from.
Co-worker: I’ll try to email him.
Me: Ok I found it, if you just look in the documentation he sent us its a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to administer the virtual desktops.

Me: Just point your browser to http://xx.xx.xx.92 and click “Download Vsphere client”
Co-worker: so I hope adding disk space to an image is easy
Me: Should be easy if its like virtualbox.
Co-worker: never used that
Me: its great for setting up virtual desktops, its free, and made by oracle!
Co-worker: Vsphere?
Me: what? Virtualbox?
Co-worker: No for the vm admin
Me: Yeah…Vsphere
Co-worker: xx.xx.xx.100 is vsphere server… cant connect. Network admin hasn’t responded to my last emails either.
Me: Thats not the IP for the vsphere server..its xx.xx.xx.92. If you look at the documentation he sent it has everything step-by-step on how to adminstor the virtual desktops!!!f
Co-worker: Network admin is not emailing me back…im not going to be able to do this.
Me: …..


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