October 1, 2013 - admin

No Salad For You

I know quite well, what it is like to work with co-workers from Hell! There is one particular monster who is quick to be petty and mean, even when I’m in the midst of doing something to help her out! ¬†I helped this co-worker from Hell with a luncheon meeting for her group, because a supervisor asked me to take care of of coordinating the invitations and meeting space for the lunch meeting. ¬†Another person was in charge of scheduling the speakers and also collecting money in advance from the meeting attendees, to order pizza and salads and sodas. Although I helped to arrange the meeting space, I was not invited to attend the lunch. Which was fine, but after the lunch meeting was over there was food left over.

So, one of the friendly co-workers asked me if I might want one of the containers of chef’s salad or some of the pizza that was left. I had already eaten, so I said , “No, thank you, but, maybe I can have the salad later.” (I thought since the salad was left, maybe I could take it home for dinner.) At which point the snobby co-worker from Hell told the friendly co-worker that, “We (the luncheon attendees) paid for the food, so that is ours!” So, basically, the co-worker from Hell was nastily refusing to let me, a mere secretary, have the food left over from the luncheon. Then, the next day, seeing the food in the refrigerator, a friendly supervisor, offered to let me take the food home. The co-worker from Hell overheard this exchange and waited till I walked away to complete some work before leaving the office for home. I came back to the refrigerator after I finished my work, and I saw that the salads had been removed from the refrigerator and dumped into the trash can. It seems that the co-worker from Hell would rather throw the food out, than let me take any home!

I was so angry at this petty display. She didn’t want the chef’s salad. It would have made a nice little meal. It was from a deli and topped with a selection of lunch meats and cheeses. This co-worker from Hell didn’t even want the food. She just didn’t want me to have it! So she threw it out, even after the supervisor told me I could take the extra food home! What makes some people so petty and mean? Sigh, so now it’s time to head back to work for another work week dealing with this nasty little mean-spirited imp from Hell! There are several Hellish co-workers in the office of my current job. But, hey, it’s a job, so, I just cope as best I can. I just roll my eyes and say to myself, “What the Hell!