December 31, 2012 - admin


Ever heard of a company called VMC/Volt WorkForce solutions? If you have, and are not employed there then you can thank your lucky stars. If you have worked there, then you are probably all too familiar with the nightmare that this place can be. Supposedly, they are a “preferred vendor” for Microsoft, and are pretty big in the Fargo, ND location for MS.

I had the misfortune of working for VMC, doing tech support at MS. Talk about total chaos. The team had 7 (yes, seven) managers, and each one of them gave us conflicting instructions and information. Yet, there was always talk about teamwork. Guess the managers (being managers) did not feel the need to believe in the message they spread. Most of the managers were not technically savvy, and had no idea about the product the team was supporting. They were supposedly there for “customer satisfaction” purposes – but, none of them ever took calls from a customer. The one thing that they took pride in was “the reviews” that they did of the support crew. Mine went exceptionally well in person – “you are doing a good job” “well done” – but the emails I got for the same review said I had failed 🙁 Am still not sure how that whole thing works. Stay tuned for more VMC stuff in the near future!


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