December 26, 2012 - admin


I had a co-worker (a tech lead, whatever that means) at my last job, who was convinced that zombies were real and the zombie apocalypse was imminent. To complicate matters – the man was an avid video/computer gamer.

Most meetings that he attended were spent talking about his escape plan when the zombies attacked and what he was going to do. He had actually thought about the stores in town that he would like to barricade himself in and what he was going to use for survival. Unfortunately, this thoughtfulness and planning did not apply to the man’s work ethic. One day, I asked him for some help in the office; and he told me he was busy. But, moments later he had time to take a personal phone call. He then spent 10 minutes talking about Skyrim (?) and the next 20 talking about zombies. Talk about priorities.

Oh yes, he is still employed there. Even though the work he does in a month equates to other peoples daily work load. Talk about a zombie.



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